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Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to cast a stone.

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What to Expect When You Visit

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  • Try to get here about 30 minutes before the service starts. Not feeling rushed is always a good start, especially if you need to check your kids into our children’s ministries.
  • We at Free Church love a good cup of coffee, so we serve a delicious free cup at all of our locations. Stop by our cafe or coffee cart every Sunday.
  • Visit the friendly faces at Guest Services anytime for more information or advice. This is especially helpful if you have children
    and need help checking them into their respective services.

The 'Triple P' Scheme


Bishop Pere founded the church on the foundation of prayer. Shelter of Christ Mission (SCM), is known as the church that prays. In SCM, we can boldly say that prayer is our greatest weapon.
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Remember our ultimate task, ‘SOUL WINNING’. The harvest is much but the laborers are few. This year, the royals are not letting the courts of the house of the Lord remain empty.
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According to the famous words of Bishop Pere, ‘if you cannot go, your money will go for you’. There are so many projects to be undertaken. We must make our marks. Now we must cultivate the habits to pay.
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